Welcome to my home on the web. After owning this domain for almost 5 years, I finally decided to start writing a blog. But why? Sometime ago, I was complaining to a friend that I find it very hard to write and express my thoughts. Instead of taking pity, she suggested that I should regularly write something.

So here it is! A place where I can write about stuff I know and care like technology, programming and myself. For now, I am planning to publish a new post each month. But, who knows? This might as well be last post I ever write, sitting here and showing my failure.

If you enjoy reading bad quality and highly subjective essays about topics you probably don’t care about then this blog is for you. It even has a RSS feed, which I didn’t actually bother testing it, so it might [or might not] work. If you aren’t using RSS you probably should, however, I will also tweet about new content, so you could follow me there

The actual blog is just a bunch or static html [and CSS and images] generated by Jekyll. The design is mostly inspired by the better motherfucking website and the very nice mediator theme.

All the content is stored on Amazon AWS servers somewhere in Ireland. Additionally, the pages are also cached in servers all over the world (edge-locations) to improve the time it takes your browser to load it. And all of this cost only a couple of cents a month. Quite amazing!

Just in case I said or will say something stupid in the future: this is my own personal blog. Everything I post here is my own thoughts and not those of my family, friends, colleagues, employer, parrot, chinchilla or anyone/anything else.